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Holistic Services

Holistic Services

Ancient Approach offers a wide range of complimentary therapies designed to not only target specific ailments but to also treat your body as a whole.

Ancient Approach address fertility cases in Mandurah independently, and in conjunction with IVF treatment. Since 2005 they have been in Mandurah, they have assisted in hundreds of pregnancies, and according to Shane, a lot of those people were on their last IVF sessions and were convinced that they wouldn't have children.


Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice takes into account your own personal circumstances which can be causing your ill health or current health problems and can offer advice to assist with your improvement.

IVF Support

IVF support: These days Acupuncture is commonly used in conjunction with IVF programmes. Specific acupuncture protocols are used on the day of an embryo transfer, however acupuncture and TCM can be highly effective in increasing the chances of IVF success by starting preparation for conception at least 3 months before the planned IVF cycle.

Relaxation Sessions

Relaxation sessions: In addition to our other services, we also offer 45 minute relaxation sessions to help you unwind from your daily stresses (No initial consultation required).


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